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Television and Documentaries

The Bellingcat Method

'The Bellingcat Method-truth in a post truth world' is a feature documentary about open source investigation network Bellingcat. I was researcher, interviewer and impact producer for the film. 


Together with the director Emile van Rouveroy and producer Maarten van Rouveroy, I worked on the development of 'Vremja'. The film tells the story of several Russian women.


For Oudtopia I had the incredible pleasure to get to hear the stories of the inhabitants of the elderly peoples home.

Van Moskou tot Moermansk

I researched the episodes about Dzerzhinsk and Volgograd. Dzerzhinsk is one of the most polluted cities of the world. The factories are causing a high degree of pollution and the average life expectancy is forty-two years. In Volgograd the episode is devoted entirely to the role of Russian women as mothers, wifes and workers.


Writer Jaap Scholten travels eastwards to meet and explore the eastern European countries. For this series I researched episodes on the nostalgia in Serbia.

Licht op het Noorden

Philosopher, writer and tv-host Stine Jensen wonders what real Scandinavia looks like beyond the stereotypes and clichés. In collaboration with local researchers I was responsible for the final episode, on Denmark. Also I was the producer during the filming trip.

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