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Together with the director Emile van Rouveroy and producer Maarten van Rouveroy, I worked on the development of 'Vremja'. The film tells the story of several Russian women.

Van Moskou tot Moermansk

I researched the episodes about Dzerzhinsk and Volgograd. Dzerzhinsk is one of the most polluted cities of the world. The factories are causing a high degree of pollution and the average life expectancy is forty-two years. In Volgograd the episode is devoted entirely to the role of Russian women as mothers, wifes and workers.

Licht op het Noorden

Philosopher, writer and tv-host Stine Jensen wonders what real Scandinavia looks like beyond the stereotypes and clichés. In collaboration with local researchers I was responsible for the final episode, on Denmark. Also I was the producer during the filming trip.

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