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A Mile in my shoes – Dana

Step inside a giant shoe box and get to wear a stranger's pair of shoes. While you walk in them, you hear their story. I made one of the portraits, commissioned by the Empathy Museum.

Yula and Yuliya

In this radio documentary I follow Yuliya who fled Kiyev with her 4 children, just before the Russian invasion. No one can really know what to expect when a war starts. An inside out look into lives turned upside down and how we are all connected in this tragedy.

Our Success Story

25 years ago, a group of refugee children went on stage together to tell their stories. One of them, Yula, is looking up the others, to go back in time based on recordings of the play. What were the stories they told at the time? What have their lives been like? And what are their stories today?

VPRO – Plots

Plots was an award-winning radio program inspired by This American Life. As a freelance editor I made several stories that were aired on Dutch Radio 1.

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