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Independent researcher and creative producer for documentary radio, television, film and commercials. I develop engaging projects on the intersection of media, technology and art. Fluent in written and spoken Dutch, English, Russian and Spanish.



Yula is a passionate radio producer, full of great ideas. I have worked with her a lot on both the documentary program Plots and the 1-Minute series. She made wonderful stories such as the 1-minuut “Opera is een beetje drama”, which is unforgettable.

Katinka Baehr, programmamaker en eindredacteur

Yula is a true storyteller. One can feel that she is sensitive and involved. She sees opportunities everywhere and has a great network. Yula is authentic and straight in her communication. And perhaps most importantly, she is someone you can have a tremendous laugh with! I had the pleasure of working with her and would do it agian right away.

Alet Klarenbeek, concept, strategie, project, communicatie WOMEN Inc.

Yula Altchouler worked on several episodes of my Russia-series for the VPRO. She was a real asset to these productions, because of her positive attitude and her original ideas.

Jelle Brandt Corstius, programmamaker en presentator