Independent crossmedia producer

I develop and create engaging documentary stories. Also, I moderate events, coach and teach. Fluent in written and spoken Dutch, English, Russian and Spanish.

About Yula Altchouler

I was born in Moscow. Just before the fall of the Soviet Union, my parents immigrated to the Netherlands.

Together with others I develop engaging projects on the intersection of media, technology and art. I am professional, flexible and able to easily move among different people and in various social environments.


Yula is a true storyteller. One can feel that she is sensitive and involved. She sees opportunities everywhere and has a great network. Yula is authentic and straight in her communication. And perhaps most importantly, she is someone you can have a tremendous laugh with!

Alet Klarenbeek, concept, strategie, project, communicatie WOMEN Inc.

Contact me

Yula Altchouler

+31(0) 6-24898489